Hey everybody! My name is Julia: a 20-something American traveler, food lover, style and beauty enthusiast,  history junkie, and proud millennial. In 2017, my boyfriend, Kyle, and I have made the decision to quit our jobs and embark on a backpacking adventure! On this site, I’ll post pictures, stories, and advice for other travelers, friends & family, and anyone else who might be interested in our gallivanting! We have each packed our life into a carry-on backpack — stay tuned to see how we thrive (or barely survive)! Thank you for following us during this amazing time of our lives! xo, J

How this site got its name: When we first decided to set this backpacking trip as a goal, people asked me, “Why are you doing this?” Many of them assumed that I wanted to escape reality or that I was avoiding hard work. I found myself often explaining that this decision was calculated. Kyle and I worked hard for six months: saving money, planning the route of the trip, extensively researching each location, etc. While we want to preserve the whimsical, care-free nature of backpacking during the trip, the decision to leave the USA for months at a time was NOT whimsical or care-free. I weighed every choice and the associated consequence and made a very purposeful decision. Ultimately the name was inspired by this thought process and by JRR Tolkien’s well-known quote, “Not all those who wander are lost.” 




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